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Student Visas

To travel to the country of study it is normally required that international students obtain a student visa. With the visa the student can travel freely from country of residence to the country of study. The process in study visa application varies from country to country. On a general note, it requires that the applicant put together a set of documents to submit to the embassy of the intending country of study. Putting together these documents can be a challenging process as proper attention need to be paid to salient points that boosts the chances of the student to obtain the visa. A visa refusal can affect the start date of the applicant and sometimes may hinder one from entering the program. This is not a price one would like to pay after all the efforts in to obtain the admission, funding, etc.

What you need for a Study Visa

Even though the requirements of visa application varies from country to country, there are some essential requirements for each visa application such as:

  • Proving that you will be staying temporarily in the country
  • Proving that you would have enough funds for the intended duration of studies
  • Showing that your educational qualification and background is well suited for the program you intend to study

Where Do We Come In?

From our wealth of experience we offer these services:

– From start to finish we provide expert advice and step by step guidance on how to obtain your visa
– We can guide you in preparing a well written statement of purpose that serves as a proof of temporary stay in the country of study
– We help you prepare visa documents in a correctly written and expertly prepared way.
– We will advice you on the essential documents required for the visa application
– If you need to attend a visa interview, we will prepare you for the interview including advice on what to expect, the kind of   questions that would be asked and how to answer these questions

How It Works

Get in touch with us using the enquiry form below to tell us exactly what you need and the country you are applying to and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs. Alternatively send us an email at

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