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About Scholarships

Studying abroad can be very expensive depending on the country and program. The bulk of your expenses would normally go to tuition fees except for programs with low or free tuition. Next is your living expenses which normally comprises the cost of your accommodation, feeding, clothing, utilities, stationary and transportation. Other auxiliary costs might include the cost of abroad travel and other luxury.

Put together, all these costs deters most students from taking any steps towards realising their study dreams. There are scholarships put in place by universities, private individuals, government, international agencies or charities to alleviate the financial burden of studies. While we understand that finding scholarships can be a challenging task, we want to assure you that your dream is very realisable. 

The question a lot of students ask is “How do I get a scholarship to finance my studies”?
There is no one straight answer to this question as it depends on many factors. Most scholarships will give you eligibility criteria for application which is like the minimum condition that need to be met for a candidate to place an application. Some of the common eligibility criteria are:

Country of citizenship: Some scholarships are limited to citizens of specific countries which means that non-citizens are not eligible to apply

Grade: Some scholarships will specify that you need to have a certain grade say a First class or a second-class upper division

Qualification: You need to look out for the program that the scholarships are meant for and see if your background matches. There’s no point applying for a History program scholarship if your background is in Mechanical Engineering except you are ready to provide enough proof for the switch.

What if I don’t meet up with the eligibility criteria, can I still apply?
You need to look out for clauses in the scholarship adverts. There is a difference between “must have” and it’s “essential”. For the latter, you might not have it but you can use other aspects of your application to boost your points.


Where Do We Come In?

We can help you find targeted scholarships for which you are eligible. With our wealth of experience in securing scholarships, we can prepare your application to beat the competition and make your application stand out among other applicants. Even if you are lacking in some ‘essentials’ we can help to boost your strong points that will make your application stand out.

Our scholarship package includes:

  • Scholarship opportunity hunt
    You can order for scholarship opportunities matching your qualification and needs
  • Scholarship application essays 
    Get specific scholarship application essays written or edited like
    Personal statements, motivation letters, cover letters and research proposals. Includes writing reviews and restyling of CV
  • Guidance for scholarships
    We can guide you on finding scholarship opportunities, supervise your application process from start to finish. We will assist and provide you with necessary guide on how to prepare all the documents required for application, provide you with working samples, proofread your documents and make sure everything is in order.
  • Postgrad supervisor hunt support
    This is mainly for postgrad (Masters and PhD) who are looking for supervisors that meet their research needs or who are seeking for funding and need help contacting potential supervisors to land their funding. We can show you the best way to find the supervisors that are willing to accept prospective students and help you write winning letters/emails to contact them.

How It Works

How it works

Step 1:
First please fill out the enquiry form to tell us what services you would like.

If you are looking for scholarship opportunity please tell us the number of opportunities you want and your requirements

If you need scholarship application essays, indicate which of the essays you would like

Step 2:
After reviewing your request, we will ask for additional information like an old CV. If you want to edit an already existing document, we can ask for the work you want to edit so we can ascertain the amount of work to be done on it

Step 3:
After we have established the amount of work your order covers, we will send you a quote for the order and the account details to pay the amount into.

Step 4:
Once the money is received and confirmed, we will proceed to work on your order within the agreed time-frame. We will charge you extra fee if you want to fast-track your order to be processed before the standard time-frame..

Delivery and terms
We will send you the work in a word document format once done and ask you to review the work. We allow 7 days for you to get back to us if you need any modifications. Please note that any modification that is outside the initial specifications you provided to us will be done at an additional charge.

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