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About Express Refiners

Express Refiners is an education and career consulting startup whose aim is to transform ideas and realize dreams through personalized career and educational services at our client’s pace. Our focus is to give a career lift to students, fresh graduates and young professionals.

We pride in a culture of Cooperation, Timeliness, Thoroughness and Creativity. We are excited to attract people of like passion who will join us to achieve the vision of transforming the education and career niche.


Open Positions

Express Refiners Associate (ERA)

We are currently seeking passionate people who will fill the position of the Express Refiners Associate (ERA). We are looking for an enthusiast who can help us spread the word about our writing services especially to the final year and postgraduate students in higher institutions. We would like students to know that their project need not be a burden to them and they can trust us to assist them while carrying them along in the whole process so they still OWN THE WORK! In a nutshell, you’ll be playing a very strategic role which is to promote our services to students, convincing them to work with us. It’s very easy. Your target will be undergraduate students who need help with their projects, seminars and presentations; and also postgraduates who need assistance in writing their thesis. We’ll provide you with the promotional materials when necessary.

What's in the box

You will be paid a referral commission for every successful deal we land with a client you refer to us. You will be entitled to other rewarding bonuses as you build your portfolio. Your promotion effort will comprise one-on-one conversation, social media marketing, fliers, posters, etc. In the future, there will be ample opportunities for you to grow in the company as we will give priority to our ERAs.


1. Must be willing to interact with students in higher institutions
2. Must be enthusiastic and willing to promote our services
3. You really don’t need any special skills. We’ll walk you through every bit of it.

If you think that you fit into this role then you’re welcome to join us! Click the button below to Apply.

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