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Getting into the University of your Dreams is an exciting and yet a very challenging step in every student’s life. Several factors are to be considered when choosing the right course, country and university which most times bewilders the student. Our team will work with you to make a suitable choice of a study program based on your unique needs. We understand that you may have preferences based on your peculiar circumstances and we would put all of that into consideration when selecting a program for you.

What we Offer

University hunt
Helping you find the right universities that meet your needs. Just tell us what you are looking for in a study place and we will match you to the right institutions abroad.

Admissions Application
We can handle your application from start to finish and help you prepare all the necessary documents for admissions

Application Essays Writing and Editing
We prepare  person-centred application documents for admission including motivation letter, personal statement, CV’s, and more.

Ding Analysis
If your application did not make it, we can review your application and advice you on what you didn’t do quite right, and pin-point salient areas you need to touch up for your next application.

Admission Interviews Coaching
We offer expert coaching on how to prepare for admissions interview

General Consultation on Admission Issues
We give advice on matters pertaining to admission like immigration climate for foreign students in several countries, work opportunities, career prospects

How It Works

Step 1:
First please fill out the enquiry form to tell us what services you would like.

Step 2:
After reviewing your request, we will ask for additional information like an old CV. If you want to edit an already existing document, we can ask for the work you want to edit so we can ascertain the amount of work to be done on it

Step 3:
After we have established the amount of work your order covers, we will send you a quote for the order and the account details to pay the amount into.

Step 4:
Once the money is received and confirmed, we will proceed to work on your order within the agreed time-frame. We will charge you extra fee if you want to fast-track your order to be delivered before the standard time-frame.

Delivery and terms:
We will send you the work in a word document format once done and ask you to review the work. We allow 7 days for you to get back to us if you need any modifications.

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