The Story Behind Express Refiners

Humble beginnings, royal endings.

We’ve got core values. We’ve got the skills. We’ve got a great team. There’s more to us.

We started out as students of our own life experiences. From applying for our own foreign admissions and scholarships to helping friends proofread and edit their essays, we have gained broad experience in the sphere of writing for career success. Once our career took a definite shape, we saw abundant opportunity to reach out to more students and graduates to assist them find their dream careers, and this birthed Express Refiners. Here at Express Refiners you will be working with uncommon talent, experienced hands and best brains in their own fields so you are rest assured of quality and unique content.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

Express service

Our team works round the clock to deliver your needs according to your preference.


We don;t just give you a template. We recognize your uniquesness, and put you first.


We always desire for 100% satisfaction from clients, so we stay tuned in.

always refining

Nothing is as constant as change, so we keep improving our services and getting better.

We're ready to help you...

Scholarships 100%
Visa Applications 92%
Job Search 98%
Academic Writing 100%

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