5 things to note about the PTDF foreign scholarships and why you should apply

Congrats to those who were shortlisted for interview in the first round of PTDF 2018/19 scholarship to Universities in Germany, France and China. For those who must have missed this, PTDF has thrown open another opportunity for scholarships, this time in the UK universities. Applications are open from March 28th to April 28th, 2018. You can find the scholarship application link here

Here are 5 things to note about the scholarships:

1. There are 15 selected universities in the UK with over 200 postgraduate programs across all the universities.
That’s ample opportunity if you ask me. I know the competition is very fierce, but it would definitely be a good investment of your time and effort for your future if you give your application the best touch.

2. You’re eligible to apply even with a 2:2 degree
I know of people with fantastic grades who still weren’t shortlisted for the interview. My advice is, do not talk yourself out of applying. Bear in mind that you still stand a very good chance if your application documents (Statement of purpose and research proposal) are well tailored. What you mostly require to make the list is to demonstrate that you have the right experience needed for a postgraduate study. If you have acquired a Masters degree and hoping to study for a PhD, then your Master’s degree covers for you if well presented. If you hold a Bachelors degree and hope to apply for a Masters, then other relevant experiences can supplement your first degree. 

3. You are not required to apply directly to the Universities. PTDF takes care of that for you.
People tend to worry a lot over securing admissions in foreign universities before applying as most other scholarships require. This is not a prerequisite for the PTDF scholarship. All that is required of you is to make your  application with the necessary documents and PTDF takes care of the rest. However, you’ll need to indicate your first three university choices and courses.

4. There are opportunities for those whose disciplines are outside Engineering and IT
It is commonly misconceived that PTDF scholarship is open only to those in Engineering and Information technology (IT). However, this is not quite the case as some of the preselected courses are in the disciplines of Arts, Business and Management. What PTDF mainly requires of applicants is that they show how the courses they have selected from the pack  will be relevant in the oil and gas industry. Yes, Oil and Gas because the P in the PTDF stands for Petroleum. So even if you have a degree in Petroleum Engineering and you want to do an MSc in Oil and Gas Management but you don’t show enough evidence of its relevance to them, you may still not make the list.

Below are courses offered by the PTDF UK scholarship outside Engineering and Technology

Asset and Integrity Management
Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
Managing in the Energy Industries
Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management
Reliability Engineering and Asset Management
Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management (REEM)
Crisis and Disaster Management
Reservoir Evaluation and Management
Water and Environmental Management

Energy Law and Policy
LLM Mineral Law and Policy
LLM Natural Resources Law and Policy
Oil & Gas Law and Policy
Maritime Law

Economics and Finance
Energy Oil and Gas Economics
Energy Finance
Petroleum Taxation and Finance
Computational Finance

Life sciences
Environmental Public Health

5. You can still apply for this round even if you applied for the first round.
If you applied for the first opening and was shortlisted: You can still apply for this opening. Only make sure that your research proposal or personal statement is in line with the courses you propose to study in the UK
If you applied for the first opening and wasn’t shortlisted:  It may be futile for you to re-apply without reviewing your previous application to know what you did wrong. You should use your first experience to your advantage. We’re here to help with that.

Here’s how we can help:

Reapplying? We can help you review your previous application to find areas of weakness and advice you on improvement for your new application. We can also assist you to edit or rewrite an already prepared statement or research proposal and make major/minor corrections to it.  

New applicant? Work with you to prepare an outstanding application where we help you make the best choice of the UK universities suited for your background. We also help you in preparing from scratch a winning personal statement and/or research proposal

Shortlisted? We conduct one-one coaching sessions and mock interviews where we ask you questions similar to those you’ll likely get from the PTDF interviewers. This is aimed at developing your interview preparation strategy. This is usually done over Skype.

Got questions or need some help? Have a chat with us on whatsapp, +447393207830, or via Facebook.

See our rates below:
Personal statement editing/review/rewriting – N5,000
Personal statement writing – N8,000
Interview preparation – N10,000
Research proposal writing – N20,000

So here’s your chance. Invest in your future and reap multiple dividends. I wish you success!

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